Day 4 – September 18

Our last day and our last drive!  We don’t want it to be over.  But as usual, we were not disappointed in what we saw.  Godfrey and Glenn found the two lionesses. Four hyenas tried to approach to take the kill away, but there was not enough of them to take over. While protecting their kill from the hyenas, the lionesses took turns eating and playing.

One of the lionesses waiting her turn.

Must be good stuff, but it’s time to play before switching places. Watch that right hook!

The second lioness finally gets her turn.

After an exciting morning watching the lionesses, it was time to head back to the camp, pack up and start our journey home.

We flew from Hoedspruit on the afternoon of September 18, to Johannesburg to London to Chicago and finally landed in Rochester, NY late on the evening of September 19.. We spent the night in Rochester and drove home the next morning, tired but HAPPY!

We want to thank the staff at Tanda Tula and we are especially grateful to Jessica Fraser  (800 882-9452) Africa Adventures Company and her dedicated fellow consultants (  You proved that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

If you have not seen the blog on the first part of this great adventure, please feel free to visit it at

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