Day 3 – September 17

I feel like my youngest grandson when his cornflakes soaked up all his milk – who stole my milk!  This vacation is going tooooo fast – who stole my vacation!!!

The drives are always so different and so much fun.  You never know what you are going to see.  And since you go to a different place almost every day, the sunrises and sunsets always look different.

Two lionesses had taken down a young cape buffalo.

It was fun to watch the red billed oxpeckers riding on the backs of the cape buffalo.

After another glorious outdoor breakfast, Godfrey, our guide gave us an opportunity to walk back to the camp.  We all took advantage!  It was fun to have him point out the tracks of various animals and explain some of his techniques of tracking.  Once back at the camp it was time to enjoy the area, and lunch, before our evening drive.

On the evening drive we saw more animals, the remains of animals and termite hills. Godfrey explained the intricate creation of a termite hill and its evolution to a fully working hive.  At dusk we saw  the lionesses enjoy their kill.

When we were escorted back to our tent after the drive we were met with a surprise.  There was a table for two set up on our deck, and the porch was lite by lanterns!  We knew it was our tent, but kept saying “are we at the right tent?”. When we went inside to make sure we were at our tent, we found flower pedals on the bed, and a bottle of champagne on the writing table.  Ed used the Walky-Talky to call back to the lodge while I went out to take pictures.  They told him they thought we would enjoy celebrating our anniversary by having a private dinner on our porch!  When he hung up he hollered for me – “come in here! You haven’t seen it all!”.  They had filled the Victorian tub with the most luxurious feeling bath oil and nice warm water, with candles floating on the water!  I immediately took advantage while Ed poured us a glass of champagne.  They had provided us sarongs, so I wrapped in one and we waited for our private waiter to arrive to serve us dinner!  Words cannot express our gratitude to all of the staff at Tanda Tula and to Africa Adventure Company for making our trip so memorable!  It is an anniversary that will never be surpassed!

PS For those of you in the know – yes the picture of us has been Photoshopped!

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